Monday, January 22, 2007

Abortion...Oh, Lord have mercy on us!

Ok. I was looking for something on google related to abortion and I came across the definition of abortion in the Wikipedia online. There was a highly disturbing quote by a "doctor" who performs abortions for a living. I clicked on the link to the article. While and after reading I just wanted to puke and weep uncontrollably. If you have any desire to understand why I HATE abortion, click here.

(Tamara, I wouldn't read the article if I were me...)

The real reason I was searching google was to see about correlations between abortion and other issues in society. I found several articles on correlations between abortion and breast cancer though there were multiple sides to the story.

Also disturbing, I found articles about how Roe v. Wade won't end abortion in the USA b/c there is a drug out there that can be prescribed to do the same thing. The drug has been approved by the FDA for use with ulcers but is being used for abortions as well.

God, have mercy on your people! I ask forgiveness, Lord, for the sins of my generation and the generations before me, for those who have sacrificed their children to Molech and for the Church which has done little or nothing. God, I'm asking that you would end abortion in our land, turn our hearts back to You! End Abortion & Send Revival! God, have mercy on a stiff-necked, apathetic, complacent people! Turn our hearts back to You! Though Satan rail against this generation and seek to take out 50 million of my brothers and sisters each year in the USA alone...Lord, have mercy and open our eyes to what we are doing! You have given us over to it b/c we begged for it but, Father, I'm asking in Your wrath remember mercy!!!


Tamara said...

When I was musing on abortion yesterday God gave me such a tender heart. Currently I better stay away from that article. I never know how I will react. When it comes to abortion I often react by emotion and I need to Lord these deep wounds to the Father.

Joshy said...

I am at a loss on how to respond to abortion. If I allowed my heart to feel all that is there to feel I would think of nothing else...ever. I think sometimes we have to leave some of the misery of the world to the Lord's intercession. I am committed to praying desperately for the end of abortion, but I must realize that i will never know the fullness of its terror and can never know the fullness of God's justice in the face of such evil. All I can do is plead the better blood with ALL my heart and beg the Lord for Mercy just as you have done. Oh God have mercy!