Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Whoa to America

America has lost its blessing. I have lost my hope in America.

America has just:

stated that their own personal comfort is more important than the lives of millions of unborn babies

eliminated the chance for mercy

brought judgement upon herself

eliminated the chance for the states to determine their own abortion laws

elected to become a communist nation - led by a man who believes in our "civic religion" and wants to "redistribute wealth"

decided to turn its back on Israel

So, last night I was lying in bed worrying about the future for the Church when the Lord reminded me of Joshua when the angel appeared to him and he asked "Are you for us or for our enemies" and he said "neither, I am commander of the Lord's army." And then God reminded me of Joshua 1:9 - "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." I believe that we missed the open door for mercy that God was extending to us but I also know that God is sovereign (not in control but sovereign...He is all powerful but not all controlling) so He can still knock Obama down like He did Saul on the road to Damascus. He can do it if He wants so now I'm praying for the turning of Obama's heart to God. I also realized that I cannot put my trust in anything but the Lord...I know that I've said that before to myself but seriously I don't live that way. I have allowed circumstances to dictate the time I spend with God. I have made decisions b/c it seemed that things were too hard so it must not be what God wants me to do...probably the opposite is true. So, I am renewing covenant with God and committing to walking with Him. I am committing to be in the Word daily, praying daily at home AND in the prayer room. I am committing to not let the "normal life" things get in the way or be excuses for why I can't spend time with God. I need to pursue Him wholeheartedly whether or not I have a house to maintain, child(ren) to raise, ministry pursuits, or family functions...HE must be FIRST! ALL the time! I cannot risk falling back into the apathy and complacency my heart has been in up until now. I will NOT be among the "most" who fall away. I will NOT be a foolish virgin who is more concerned with the doing of things for God than she is concerned with KNOWING God. I WILL have a reservoir of oil (intimacy) for my lamp (ministry) my focus is maintained and I am not weary in doing good. God is my fortress, my focus, and my exceedingly great reward. There is no other lover who is worth chasing after. I want to live the Sermon on the Mount, not just preach it. Oh, Lord, help me, teach me, grow me, and give me strength to pursue you with reckless abandon and wholehearted devotion.

I feel like I should start singing that old Ray Boltz song..."I pledge allegiance to the Lamb. With all my strength, with all I am. I will seek to honor His command. I pledge allegiance to the Lamb." or the Misty Edwards song... "I pledge my allegiance to Jesus, to Jesus, and I pledge my allegiance to the Lamb...baptize my heart with Your fire, desire...Cuz I don't wanna be offended...when it's all comin' down."