Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There is an ache growing inside of me. I long for community. I long to be doing life in Christ with friends. I'm not talking about once or twice a week at a church service or prayer meeting. I'm tired of going to services where I come in greet friends, talk briefly perhaps, attempt to meet with God, then leave. Are we really going somewhere together? How can we pursue God in prayer or praise, how can we say we are corporately going after God when I barely have a relationship with the people in the room? How can we pursue God together if we are not doing life together? I'm talking intimacy here. Community is about being in each other's day to day stuff. I want to daily play, talk, praise, pray, worship, eat, laugh, love, and hang out with a group of people committed to the pursuit of Jesus, of one thing, of Psalm 27:4. I really long for this. Lord, I know this is your heart too. Please make this a reality in my life!