Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adventures in Joel 2

Ok. So, I haven't been sleeping well/much and one night I said "Ok, God. If you want me up then what do you want me to do?" Joel 2 blazed on my heart so I decided to read Joel and see what I would see. What stood out to me were Joel 1:9 & 13 & Joel 2:14 & 19. These deal with the grain offering and the drink offering. I just found it interesting that Joel 1 talks about lamenting b/c there is no grain offering or drink offering; but what really caught my eye was Joel 2:14. How many times have I heard this quoted but it has never been quoted in full.

14 Who knows if He will turn and relent,
And leave a blessing behind Him—
A grain offering and a drink offering
For the LORD your God?

That these offerings would be THE blessing left behind makes them more significant than just provision. So, I started looking up what are these offerings about. There's a lot of cool stuff I found in Leviticus (yes, Leviticus) but the daily offering section in Exodus was the kicker. Listen to this. Every day in the morning the priest would offer a lamb (burnt offering - ola). With that burnt offering he would break the grain offering in half and offer half the grain plus a drink offerings to the Lord. Then in the evening he would offer another lamb, the other half of the grain offering and a drink offering. This is communion! This is Jesus death on the cross! This is Passover! Jesus said "Do this as often as you do, in remembrance of me." They did it every day!!! Twice a day!!! Plus think of the significance! He is inviting all of Israel (& us) into intimacy with Him every day! The blessing He says would be the most amazing gift (back up to the verse) is this offering... If we seek Him and His mercy then instead of judgement He will leave the blessing of His MANIFEST PRESENCE, intimacy with Adonai (Our Creator)...REVIVAL!!!

Oh, Jesus, the beauty of your love & mercy that you would respond to your priests who weep for a nation between porch and altar...that you would respond by revoking judgement and pouring out revival! Thank You, Lord, that this is not logical to me! Thank you for the most beautiful gift of all - YOU! I love you, Jesus, and long for Your Shekinah glory to manifest in our city, our nation! Come, Lord Jesus!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fighting flesh

I hate laziness. So, I really hate that I am so lazy! God is really insisting lately that I need to be deliberate and dependable. I need to do what I say I am going to do when I say I am going to do it. That is incredibly difficult. I also blame a lot of my inability to get things done on Aiden...which is sometimes warranted but not nearly as often as I use that excuse. So, in front of all my blogging friends, I am making this committment to do what I say I am going to do when I say I am going to do it. I asked the Lord to make me dependable and industrious. I guess He is answering with a cattle prod :o) I need this or I will never be in the prayer room or even seek the Lord in my own home. I need Him...I want to be selfish about my time with Him! I am shaking of the sleepiness and stepping into purpose. Oh, Jesus, help me!